Are you looking for a new Bronco?

If you are looking for a Ford Bronco, you’ve come to the right place! We have a large inventory of Ford Broncos to choose from. Once you’ve picked out your rig, we are here to provide you with insight about the best customization packages available based on your plans.

How do you become a member of the Bronco Club?

Just sign up for our Bronco Club newsletter for either Eugene or Meridian. Then you’re in! Whether you’re an avid Bronco fan or a relaxed Bronco observer, we want you to be a member of the Bronco club.

Does Bronco Club sell Ford Broncos?

We carry a great selection new Ford Broncos and Ford Bronco Sports at our Bronco club locations in Meridian and Eugene.

How much will a Bronco customization cost?

No customization is the same, so depending on how big or small you go, it will cost money to get there. We recommend contacting us to speak directly with one of our specialists to discuss your upfit options.

Can you accessorize any model and year of the Ford Bronco?

We love to see all types of Ford Broncos at our Bronco Club. Bring your 2023 Ford Bronco Sport or your classic 1965 Ford Bronco. We’ll work on them all!

How can you stay up to date on Bronco Club events?

You can check our site and linked socials for our current happenings or sign up for our Bronco Club newsletter so you’re always in the loop!

Do the two Bronco Club locations offer different services?

Both of our Bronco Clubs offer the same great service, Broncos, and customization options. Let us help you find or customize your new Ford Bronco!

Why have a Bronco Club?

The Kendall Bronco Club is here to engage with the community of Ford Bronco and off-road SUV owners, participate in the off-road world, and preserve the beauty of our trails. We work with the Bronco Wild Fund to ensure that the great outdoors can be enjoyed for years to come by getting involved with clean-up efforts and trail recovery. Stop by your local Kendall Bronco Club today to talk Bronco, learn more about our Bronco community events, and show off your rig!